About Us

The Mortimer Country Food Fair was started in 2008 as a collaboration between two local businesses, Carolyn Chesshire from Lower Buckton Country House and Sheridan Swinson (and his fellow Director, the late Edward Tobin) from Aardvark Books

The intention is to promote local food and craft producers, by featuring their products to local people who may have been unaware of how superb the food produced around them really was.

In peak years over 1,500 people have come through the fair and many exhibitors sell out of their produce by mid-afternoon.

Carolyn Chesshire is well known through her frequent radio contributions to Radio 4’s food and travel programmes, and has also appeared on television.

Her property Lower Buckton is featured in the Alistair Sawday guide to Special Places to Stay, and she is a multiple winner of the Flavours of Herefordshire award for Best Breakfast.

Edward Tobin is a former senior executive of publishers HarperCollins where he promoted many famous authors including Charlton Heston and Joe O’Connor. ┬áSadly Edward died in 2014 and is sorely missed. ┬áHis spirit lives on.